Security Guarding

Construction Site Security

Construction Sites – Dark Knight Security undertakes the responsibility of maintaining security at residential and commercial developments in progress and after completion.

Security for construction sites is vital. Dark Knight’s construction site security services are here to protect your investment during the building stage and after completion too. Our static and mobile security guards attend both domestic and commercial construction sites, protecting you from the multiple threats on your building site: vandals; squatters; thieves When you choose us, we will first undertake a detailed security risk assessment, surveying your site to define its security strengths and weaknesses. Then we will propose a security programme that covers the site thoroughly and respects the security budget you have set.

Our security for construction sites teams can offer 24 hour static cover or we provide a mobile service, which visits at routine intervals when the site is empty. In both cases our construction site security services teams will report to you regularly and, in cases where threats to the ongoing security of the site are identified, will suggest immediate courses of action to rectify the problem.

Small construction sites are normally adequately covered with one of our security for construction sites patrol packages. Larger sites are most effectively protected when our security teams are deployed as first response teams after a professional CCTV or alarm system has triggered an alert. Your construction site security services team will consult with you in detail on how you wish alarms to be attended and will of course follow your instructions to the letter.

For a free consultation and to book a site security audit, please call us on 0843 289 3727, fill out the contact us section or email us at and our team will come back to your shortly.